Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Seniority Badges are now available to all CodersRank users. Using them, you can showcase your seniority level in all technologies which you have used in your Git repos.
We have created the following badges for each of supported technologies:
In order to add to your profile all the badges that you’ve earned so far, all you need to do is log into your profile. In case you think you might have earned some new badges that aren’t present in your profile yet, make sure to refresh your profile using the dedicated refresh button below your CodersRank Score.
Finally, the dark mode has arrived. As usual, three modes are available:You can set the dark mode here:
and it looks like this:
The BitBucket integration has been added. It is available under the "+Improve profile" button.
Right now BitBucket Cloud is supported. To connect to BitBucket you have to provide your username and an app password.
How to generate the app password and set the appropriate scopes can be found in the documentation.


Profile page

Faster profile refresh

We increased the speed of the profile refreshing process. Thanks to this, now 90% of our profile pages refresh within 406 seconds.
Previously, this process took 609 seconds, so it's more than a 30% improvement.
In case you want to learn more about this optimization, just send us an email:
The following bugs have been fixed: